These beautiful containers are known by so many names:  Money Card Box, Wedding Reception Box, Card Holder Boxes, Wedding Card Box, Wedding Money Boxes, Bridal Card Boxes, Wedding Card Holder Box.  Whichever name you know them by they are a essential  addition to your Engagement Parties, Bridal Showers and the Wedding Reception.   They are perfect for collecting both your best wishes cards and your monetary gifts from your guests.  We have from the Cake Shaped, White Coach Cake Shaped to the Truly Elegant  Satin design.

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Wedding Reception
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White Metal Card Box Money Card Box Satin
Money Card Box Satin
Three Tier Cream Lace Cake Keepsake/Card Box Fairy Tale White Beaded Coach Card Holder
White Metal Card Box
This beautiful 10" x 10" card box is made of white metal formed into a design of swirls and flowers. It makes a great card holder for the reception. The slot for cards measures 10" and is located on the top of the box.

Elegant Satin Wedding Reception Card Box
Beautiful satin covers this charming MONEY card box, which measures 15" wide x 10" tall. No lock is included. There is an 8.5" x 0.5" card slot at the top. The fabric has been embroidered with a charming leaf and vine pattern. Available in Ivory and White.

Three Tier Cream Lace Cake Keepsake/Card Box
Add a touch of elegance to the reception with this keepsake/card box, which is shaped as a three-tiered wedding cake. The box stands 11.25" tall and has a 14" diameter. There is a 7" slot at the top for guests to slide their cards into. Each tier is decorated with cream-colored lace. The bottom opens up for easy removal of the cards after the reception.

Fairy Tale White Beaded Coach Card Holder
 This charming white metal card holder is designed to look like a classic fairy tale coach. It is decorated with beads and measures 15" x 16.5". There is a slot on one side (5" x 1.25") for inserting the cards and a door on the opposite side for taking cards out after the reception. There is also a removable beaded heart chain that can be used to lock the door while in use.


Damask Card Box Refined Romance Card Box
Black Metal Castle Card Box Greeting Card Treasure Box
Damask Card Box
Gray and black card box with damask pattern and white flourish design. Slotted lid opens for retrieving cards. Box folds for easy storage. 12" x 12" x 12".

Refined Romance Card Box
White, matte satin treasure box with pleated satin band, black satin ribbon with bow and faux rhinestone adornment. Slotted lid opens for retrieving cards. 13" x 8" x 8 3/4".

Black Metal Castle Card Box
This black metal replica of an enchanted castle makes for a unique card holder. Gift cards can be easily slid between the bars above the front door of the castle. A latch by the front door will open up the bottom for removing the cards after your party/reception. The entire castle measures 25" tall, 16" wide and 11" deep. This item ships in one piece and the package size is 20.25"(H) x 11.5"(W) x 16.75"(D)..

Greeting Card Treasure Box
 Satin-covered treasure box features a 6" x 3/4" slot on top for inserting cards. Lid is decorated with a satin and chiffon bow. 13 3/4" x 9 3/4" x 8 3/4"..


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