Interchangeable Ethnic/MultiRacial Cake Toppers Bride & Grooms Figurines. Now your cake decorations can be as personal and as special as you are. These fashionable and culturally diverse Brides and Grooms stand poised to embrace. Mix and match the partners to create a custom figuring that reflects your unique blend.  Both Bride & Groom cake top figurine are 6.5 inch high.  Each partner is sold separately.  The Caucasian Bride and Groom hair color come in Fair & Red.  

** - All of these cake figurines are shipping directly from Manufacturer out of Canada- therefore it can take up to (6) six business days before shipping. *****Also, please be informed that per the policy of the Manufacturer and our Company - Please note if for any reason you refuse the package of the figurines and did not obtained prior approval and a RMA#, it is understood by all, that you have been made aware per this notice that  you will forfeit not only the shipping cost but the cost of the items. Because if these items are sent sent back to Canada without a RMA#, the package is automatically destroyed at the Border before it could reach back to the MFT. Therefore, it is imperative that you received the package and then request a Return Merchandise Authorization # (RMA)
 Wedding Cake Tops

Wedding Cake Toppers
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Wedding Reception
Interchangeable Cake Top Figurines
Interchangeable Cake Top Figurines
B3 Asian Bride
B4 Caucasian Fair Hair Bride
B6 Caucasian Red Hair Bride

G1 African American Groom
G3 Asian Groom
G4 Caucasian Fair Hair Groom
Bride Figurine




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Acrylic, , Bald Groom Figurine, Funny, Comical, Humorous, Glazed Porcelain & Glazed Ceramic , Biracial, Interracial/Interchangeable,  Mix & Match Partner, Military, Spun Glass, Cut Glass, Lighted, Unique & Traditional Wedding Cake Top


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Interchangeable Cake Top Figurines, Bald African-American, Caucasian Groom, Mix & Match Partners Cake Top