You wish to share your life with your Partner, these Interracial, Interchangeable Cake Toppers are perfect for your Wedding. Figurines: African American, Asian American, Caucasian, Hispanic American, Multiethnic Wedding Couple. The Base & Rose bouquet connectors  is no longer available.  These Cake Tops Figurines are truly a unique present at your Wedding.

* Cake Toppers are delivered directly from Manufacturer - it is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that the address information that they have provided to our Company is accurate for whatever Delivery method/Company is used by the Shipper.
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Complete Interracial Wedding Cake Topper Set

****To view an up close and beautiful example of what each individual  Life Partner Figurines look like - CLICK ON IMAGE above and below.

Interchangeable Multiethnic Cake Toppers & Figurines

Because every WEDDING COUPLE are UNIQUE, you can now mix & match with these Perfect Match-rimony cake-topper options.  Any two figurines make a complete set.

These interchangeable, cake tops make a perfect cake top for your, interracial, multiethnic wedding. You can chose from the following Bride: African American, Asian American, Caucasian, and Hispanic American or dark complexion Cake side statuette. From the male: African-American and Caucasian. The base and the flower set is no longer available to pair the couple together. Total height of porcelain wedding figurine are  approximately 7 1/2".

These Cake side statuettes can be placed next to the wedding cake, or used as a centerpiece or a beautiful keepsake to cherish from that special day.


Female 7 1/2" - $40.00 ea.

****To view an up close and beautiful example of what these Figurines look like - CLICK ON IMAGE

All Females are wearing a white, strapless gown and netting veil with trim. The veils are made of ribbon-edged tulle. Caucasian female has  Blond hair; the rest have black hair. Hand-painted porcelain.
Interchangeable African-American Bride CakeTopInterchangeable African-American  Cake Top Interchangeable Asian Bride Cake Top Interchangeable Asian Cake Top Interchangeable Caucasian Bride Cake TopInterchangeable Caucasian (Blond - below) Cake Top Interchangeable Hispanic Bride Cake Top Interchangeable Hispanic or Dark Complexion Caucasian Cake Top
Male 7 1/2" - $37.00 ea. Both Male  sport white shirts and black bow ties Tuxedos. The Caucasian has blond hair ; the African-American black hair. Hand-painted porcelain.
Interchangeable African-American Groom CakeTop Interchangeable African-American Cake Top Interchangeable Caucasian Groom Cake TopInterchangeable Caucasian  (Blonde) Groom Cake Top


*This is how your figurines will look as stand alone. Ty Wilson Matrimony Female Figurines without Bouquet Ty Wilson Matrimony Male Figurines without Bouquet Blond Hair Bride & Groom Figurines.
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