Dog Wedding Accessories: It has become ever-increasingly popular to have "Man Best Friend" participating in their wedding ceremonies, therefore your dog, must look their very best.  Lets start with a dog (tux) tuxedo; dog wedding bows that let everyone know they are the "Best Pet". Bows for their hair and, let not forget your dog ring pillow or dog ring holder, if they are going to help carry your ring in your wedding.

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Dog Wedding Ring Pillows, Dog Wing Holder, Dog Hair Bows
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Small Dog Ring Pillow Medium - Large Dog Ring Pillow Dog Wings Ring Holder

Yellow Dog Bow

Assorted Color Dog Hair Bows

Small Dog Ring Pillow
With the ever-increasing popularity of Mans best friend" participating in ceremonies, we have designed ring pillows that will fashion most canine companions. Pillow with organza ruffle. Also included is 25" of .75" white satin ribbon and two Velcro dot. Click On The Image To See A Close Up of Pillow

Large Dog Ring Pillow
This Dog Ring Pillow has Organza ruffle. Also included is 25" of 1.5" white satin ribbon and two Velcro dot. Click On The Image To See A Close Up of Pillow
Dog Wings Ring Holder
Dog wings with elastic leg front bands, a marabou pouf and satin ribbon to hold the rings. Click On The Image To See A Close Up of Holder
Dog Hair Bows with Satin Rosette Blossom
For a bow WOW beautiful look, these assorted color dog hair bows feature sheer, luminescent ties and satin rosette centers for an uptown, stylish look. Each dog hair bow is a brightly colored 2" bows with elastic grooming bands for quick and easy attachment. Have your little one styling in all of the hot colors. 10 per pack.


Dog Wedding Tuxedo, Dog Wedding Bows  
Pet Dog Tuxedo Vest Best Pet Wedding Bows Dog Wedding Collar & Bow Tie Set Dog Wedding Collar & Bow Tie Set Dog Wedding Collar & Bow Tie Set Dog Ring Pillow

Pet Dog Tuxedo Vest
Use the chest dimension of your pet to determine the suitable size - see list below for sizing. Select the size with the same chest measurement or slightly larger. TO MEASURE CHEST Start at the base of the neck, following down and around the body of the dog, immediately behind the front legs. Come in four (4) size:

  • Small: Length of Back - 1/2" Around Chest: 15 3/4"
  • Medium: Length of Back - 8 1/2" Around Chest: 20 1/2"
  • Large: Length of Back -11 3/4" Around Chest: 25"
  • Extra-Large: Length of Back - 14 1/2" Around Chest: 30 3/4"
  • Best Pet Wedding Bows
    Your dog is your best friend, your companion, your "Best Pet!". Show them off at the ceremony with this charming wedding bow, designed to attach to your existing collar. Black with White Embroidery 7 1/2" X 6"  - White with Black Embroidery 7 1/2" X 6"
    Dog Wedding Collar & Bow Tie Set
    Whether it is your dog getting married or your dog is in your wedding - this collar & bow tie set is perfect for either occasion. Available in Black, Pink or Red Bows. Fit Dog from XS to XXL - Look at chart for best fit for your dog.

    Dog Size Chart
    Dog Ring Bearer Pillow
    This 4" pillow will allow your favorite canine to bring your wedding rings down the aisle in style. 


    $28.00 - $30.00


    Size & Weight

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